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Hive Active Heating Smart Thermostat

So, you're thinking of having a smart thermostat installed? Make sure you choose a smart installer...

Here at Hull Power Ltd, we have fitted a large amount of smart thermostats for customers in Hull and surrounding areas. With 5* feedback, and many repeat customers, why choose anyone else?

Hive Activing Heating Thermostat Installer Hull, Hive Installer Hull

Hive Active Heating lets you control your heating from your thermostat or your phone, so you never have to heat an empty house again. This could save you £££'s a year on your energy bills. 

Smart Control from Anywhere

Manage your heating from your smartphone, tablet or Apple watch. So you can come back to a cosy home without ever having to heat an empty one. And if you've got a hot water tank, you can control that too. 

Stay Cosy, Save Energy and Save Money

You could save up to £120 a year by not having to heat an empty home. Great features like schedules give you even more control to get your heating just right when it needs to be. 

Pre-Heat your Home

The Hive Smart Thermostat learns how long it takes to heat your home to a specific temperature. This means you can pre-heat your home so it's exactly the right temperature at the right time. 

Dial it up with Boost

Warm your home up effortlessly with the tap of the boost button. Don't worry about leaving your heating on too long- it will turn off automatically. 

Hot Water on Demand

Hot water is one tap away with Boost, without worrying about leaving the hot water on for too long. 

Hot Water without the Hassle

Set schedules and take control of your hot water from the Hive app. And when you're away for a few days, use 'Holiday Mode' to save money and have the hot water ready for when you return. 

Keep your Pipes Safe

Auto frost protection turns on your heating when the temperature drops below 7°C, preventing your pipes from freezing. 

Control Every Room

Add Hive radiator valves for room-by-room heating control. 

The Centre of the Hive ecosystem

Hive Hub is the essential brains of the operation. It plugs into your broadband router and connects all of your Hive devices wirelessly so they can be easily controlled remotely. 

Voice Control with Amazon Echo

Control your Hive products without lifting a finger. Ask Alexa to dim a light, turn the heating up, or turn a group of products off with one simple voice command. 

So if you're looking for an installer for your smart thermostat, contact us today for your free, no obligational quote. Hull Power Ltd... We aren't just your local, friendly Electricians, We are also Hull's leading Smart Thermostat Installers.

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