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Protecting your pets from Electrical Hazards

One of the biggest hazards in your home is your electrics, and this is particularly a concern if you have pets. But fear not, there are plenty of small changes you can make to ensure your house is safer for your furry friend.

Don't buy cheap chargers!

It may seem obvious to some, but cheap phone chargers are cheap for a reason... They're poorly made. The same goes for extension leads. Most houses have at least one extension lead somewhere, and with the capacity for multiple electrical devices to be plugged into them, please ensure you buy one that's good quality, and offers surge protection. Cheap chargers or power cords can easily overheat and create sparks, so you won't want your pets near faulty equipment! Buy once... Buy well! If you have a lot of cables lying around (usually behind the TV), you could bundle them together with a tie wrap to restrict your pet from getting to the, easily.

Don't leave your electricals unattended

Heaters in the winter, fans in the summer and even items such as free-standing lamps are all electricals that can easily be forgotten about. If you leave the room or the house, and these items are left switched on, you are creating a potential hazard for your pet. They can easily fall over if your pet brushes past them, and once knocked over they immediately become a fire risk. So try and get into the habit of turning these items off, especially if you're leaving the house.

Have a dedicated "safe" place for your pet

It's always a good idea to have a certain part of your house, or even a corner of a room, that you dedicate for your pet. This should always be a spot that is free from any electrical sockets, cables and equipment, and should have at least a cushion or a blanket for them. This will encourage your pet to use this spot, and if you're not at home, will minimize any risk of electrical accidents.

Try and train your pet into not entering certain parts of the house that could be dangerous for them (i.e around the back of the TV). If you're finding it tricky to keep your pet away, you could always try certain deterrents. For example, cats tend to dislike citrus smells, so if you spray a certain area with citrus spray, it could help to keep your pet away from potential dangers.

Outdoor Electricals

It's also wise to consider your outdoor electricals if you have a pet, especially if you have one that likes to dig! Dogs and rabbits are prime examples of pets that love a good dig, so make sure areas that have power cables just below ground surface are out of bounds to them. If this isn't an option, then make sure your cables are lower down enough so that your pet can't reach them.

We hope this blog has given you some good advice on making your electrics safe for your pet, but if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you further.


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