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Can you spare 5 seconds?

Of course you can! Your family's life depends on it...

Let's talk about smoke alarms. Those little life savers attached to your ceilings. They often get forgotten about, which can have devastating consequences! If you have battery operated smoke alarms within your property, push the button once a month, to make sure they're still working. Many people often change the batteries in their smoke alarms when the clocks go back. When was the last time you changed the battery in yours?

Smoke alarms don't last forever, and it's recommended that you change yours at least every 10 years. Maybe now is the time to upgrade from your battery operated ones... Here at Hull Power Ltd, we have installed many fire alarms systems, for both domestic and commercials properties, so why not contact us today for your free, no obligational quote?

As technology advances, so do smoke alarms. And you can now be the proud owner of a smart smoke alarm! Google Nest Protect are becoming more and more popular, find out more about these amazing devices below...

Hull Power Ltd aren't just your friendly, local electricians in Hull, we are also the regions leading Google Nest Pro installers! Contact us today to find out how we can upgrade your home to a smart home!

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