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Money towards a smart thermostat?

Have you recently applied for the Governments Green Homes Grant? If so, you could be eligible for money towards the supply and installation of a smart thermostat.

Government energy saving grant, smart thermostat, trustmark approved installer, hull nest pro
Smart Thermostat Grant, Nest Pro Installer Hull, Trustmark Approved

Government Energy Saving Grant

In October 2020, the Green Homes grant opened for applications. The aim of this scheme is to allow homeowners or landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, in which the governments pays two-thirds of the cost up to a total of £5000 (could cover 100 % of the cost up to £10'000 for those on a lower income).

The available measures are split into two... Primary and Secondary. You MUST install at least one Primary Measure to be eligible for the grant. This includes things like insulation (solid wall, cavity wall, under-floor, loft etc...) and low Carbon heat (air source heat pump, ground source heat pump, solar thermal etc...).

To find out more information, please check out the Gov website...

So where do we come in?

Once you have installed at least one primary measure, you are then eligible to apply for a secondary measure... which include smart thermostats! You can then get a grant for two-thirds of the cost of supply and installation of a smart thermostat (or 100% of the cost if you're on a low income). Your installer MUST be TrustMark registered in order for you to receive the grant.

Hull Power Ltd aren't just TrustMark approved... We are also the regions leading Google Nest Pro Thermostat Installer for Hull and surrounding areas.

To find out more about the grant, please refer to the Gov website, or feel free to contact us with any queries regarding the smart thermostats.

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